Lead Creator, Builder & Designer | Creative Director | Project Manager

Nicki is a Bay Area sculptor, designer and painter.  Born in Germany, she studied fashion design. In 2016, she began studying sculpture, followed by ceramics, welding and metal fabrication. Recently, Adani received a Black Rock City honoraria grant, to fund a portion of Taking Flight, which represents Adani’s metaphors, as a woman, a mother, a wife and an artist, captured eloquently in the work she is developing for Burning Man.

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Lead Builder

Patricia’s vision of the world is a conglomeration of interconnected forces and dynamic systems. She continues to advocate for public access to the means of production and new technological advances, through public facilities such as: shared studios, libraries, colleges and universities. Patricia is currently a professor at College of Marin.



Builder | Web Design | Organizer

Priya is a surrealist creator fascinated with their precarious surroundings. Priya enjoys working alongside others to turn dreams into reality. When Priya is not studying metalwork and sculpture, she is exploring various forms of art like sewing, painting and illustration. Community organizing, education and social injustice awareness is part of Priya’s current path.



Builder | Videography

Dylan is an artist, videographer, and licensed Pilates instructor. He grew up in Marin County, and has spent most of his life developing a unique style as an illustrator, but now works in various 2,3, and 4D mediums. He is currently working towards his BFA in fine art at the California Institute of the Arts.




For the past 15 year Sandrine has worked on various projects for Burning Man. She has spent years working with David and Maggie Best on 10 Burning Man temples. Currently, she is putting her husband’s filming project together. Burning Man is a family affair for Sandrine’s family. When she is not helping other artists, she manages a medical office.




For the last 10 years, Jeff has been experimenting with acrylic and oil painting, digital art and sculpture, ranging from realism to abstract styles. Prior to that, Jeff spent over 25+ years as a software solutions architect, involved in the details of software design as well as the management of large teams of technical professionals.