Nicki Adani's Taking Flight emboldens visitors to be who they truly are, inspiring them to leave behind what is holding them back.  A 15-foot tall feminine bird-like figure, welded from raw steel rods and tubes, her wings spread wide, takes flight from her perch upon a 10-foot tall spoked wheel, representing the circle of life.  Viewers interact by making colorful ropes and weaving them into the wheel as a metaphor of releasing and transforming one's past. Experiences already lived through can't be erased, but they can speak their truths, and be liberated.  In the process, individuals can connect to their inner strength, allowing them to spread their wings to fly.


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“In the midst of extreme heat and flying sparks, with liquid metal pooling before my eyes, I have seen new life emerge from raw material…an entire universe open up. The process of building Taking Flight serves as a perfect metaphor, allowing to conquer fears and persevere.”

- Nicki Adani