Time for an update

Dear 'Taking Flight' contributors, it is time for an update from the flight deck...

First of all I'm soo grateful for all your generous donations coming in! We have reached 71% of our fundraising goal! Thank you so much!

The past few days we had sweltering temperatures around 100 degrees in the Bay Area. Working and welding in a metal shed (oven) without air condition was quite exhausting to say the least, we were melting, but we kept going to continue our progress. :) Good conditioning for what's to come on playa. ;)

After contemplating many options, our lighting plan has been finalized, and we are ready to order all the components as we have the funds we need for it covered thanks to all of you!

Even though we are making such great progress with over 50 contributions at this point, we still need to keep pushing forward to reach our full fundraising goal to cover transport and additional material and fabrication costs, please keep spreading the word to friends and family, and on your social media channels!!

In gratitude,
Nicki and the Flight Crew